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Internship at EU agency, what grant to expect? Empty Internship at EU agency, what grant to expect?

on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:24 pm
Through "unofficial" means other than the general EC application scheme, I find myself currently in the process of securing an internship at an EU agency with independent legal status. Think something among the ranks of EMSA or similar. I've been exchanging a couple of messages with my future boss and the $$$ topic hasn't come up yet.

Now I know that the regular EC interns are being paid a homogenous salary in the region of €1070. I've been looking at other comparable agencies publicly offering traineeships such as the EMSA, which is located in a rather cheap town (Lisbon) and they pay around 936 + travel expenses.

I'm worried about the issue, because I want the internship as a summerly "gap-filler" in between more lucrative occupations. With €1000 a month I guess I could break even for a few months, but anything lower will eat away my savings.

What should I expect?

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