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DG Competition

on Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:52 pm
Hi everyone !

This is my first application for a traineeship with the European Commission and I was very happy to discover this forum.

I chose DG Comp (my first option) and since I know competition is fierce at DG Competition I do not have high expectations, however I try to stay positive and be patient until the final results will come out. I've had one interview soon after the preselection results were released and decided to lobby to some units I was interested in after that.

I have no idea whether all units of DG Comp have already selected their trainees or how effective lobby actually is for DG Comp, as I did not receive any reply to the email I sent to the email adress indicated by the traineeship office when the preselection results were made public.

Would be nice to hear from the experience of other Blue Book applicants' at DG Comp. Have you already been contacted by units from DG Comp ? do you think one can still expect to be called by DG Comp units during this week ?

Good luck to everyone and hope to meet you in Brussels !
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