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Money money money! Allowance, perks, expenses, rent, budgeting... Feedback from former trainees, please!

on Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:08 am
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for feedback from people who actually did an internship in Brussels and Luxembourg... or who haven't yet, but who have information, of course!

I'd love to do a EU traineeship, but am wondering if it is possible without putting all my accounts in the red, basically! I was looking into the cost of living in Lux this week, and now I'm wondering how lowly interns can afford that...  affraid

So, can anyone share a few bits of concrete information?

1) beyond your allowance/grant/compensation (not sure of the right term, sorry), were there any "perks":
* did your employer pay for your lunches?
* if they didn't, how much did a meal cost you at a UE canteen?
* did they pay for part or all of your bus pass?
* anything else?

2) did you have to pay taxes and/or social security contributions, or was your allowance exempt of all that? (I imagine this would very much depend on one's country of origin, so please mention where you're from)

3) How much did you pay for rent, and for what kind of accommodation?

In the end, did the traineeship cost you? How much? And did you think it was worth it anyway? (Any non money related feedback would be good too, haha. Maybe I'll launch another thread on the subject. It'd be good if people came back here after being selected and shared their experience with the rest of us.  Smile)
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