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'Publication and Papers' Rubric & Foreign Language Qualification

on Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:25 pm

Hello everyone, Surprised

If you guys could help with some clarification would be so very much useful !

1. In application appears the requirement 'Publication and Papers' ... do you think the difference from last year when they specifically mentioned '(not Including Master's thesis or PhD)' will allow me to add now master dissertation title (or is it a trap Mad ?) ... that's all I have technically,so better NOT than be wrong ?

2. I know points are obtained on the number and level of foreign languages ​​exams- which are to be attached as proof. Apart from C2 English, I studied French many years now I just didnt have the opportunity to sit the examination. Last year I did an optional class at uni. where I received a certificate attesting B2 level. The question is , can I at least mention A2 level in the language options section based on that certificate? Considered Enough proof? I find bit afraid to mention this because I know that if it cannot be proven results Im not be eligible.Mad

Thank you very much !!! Smile
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Re: 'Publication and Papers' Rubric & Foreign Language Qualification

on Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:18 pm
Hello! Smile

I am afraid I cannot answer the question concerning the publications (maybe if you send an email to the TO they clarify this point, usually they are rather quick in their answers), but I can share my experience with the language certificates (I passed the eligibility check):

As you, I had a relatively good level of French as a result of visiting courses and living in Brussels for a while, but I never took an exam other than A2. However, I did not want to say in my application that I had an A2 because it is not true and I wanted to increase my chances of being selected.

When the time to provide the documents arrived, this is what I uploaded for French:
- Certificate of my French school confirming that I was doing a B2 conversation course at the moment.
- Proof that I had registered for the B2 exam (and has paid for it) that was going to take place after the deadline.

In addition, I included a page where I explained this situation with things like "I have lived in a French speaking country and now I am committed to pass the B2 exam, etc etc etc". Apparently, they considered this to be suficient proof and I passed the eligibility check.

Good luck! Wink
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Re: 'Publication and Papers' Rubric & Foreign Language Qualification

on Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:16 pm
Hello everybody! Smile

I have a couple of questions on slightly different topics:

1) Does anybody have a hint of what is the difference between the 'major subject' and the three 'main subjects' in the educational background page of the application? E.g. if one studies law, should he put 'law' (in general) as a major subject, and, for instance, private law, public law and international law as main subjects? Still it would be a bit odd, because one would have already indicated 'law' in the 'field of study' space' and a specialization in the 'specialization field': it seems they keep asking for the same information multiple times... Another possibility would be to put in the 'major subject' field the official name of one's bachelor/master. Has anybody got official explanation of that?

2) Does anybody know from previous applications, friends or any other source which were the most demanded DGs in the past rounds of the EC ADMINISTRATIVE traineeship? And what about the 'areas of interest', are there very much demanded areas?

3) I cannot find anywhere the contact email of the Traineeship Office. Does anybody of you know who we should contact for queries?

Thank you, and good luck everybody! Smile
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Re: 'Publication and Papers' Rubric & Foreign Language Qualification

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